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June 8, 2017
5 Great Deck Railing Options

Deck season is finally here! This weather is great for spending time on a deck, whether it is grilling, entertaining or just relaxing. When most people are thinking about adding a deck to their house, the material of the deck itself is usually what comes to mind first. However, the railing material is also something to consider. We've built many beautiful decks using a variety of different railing systems. Check out a few of them below. 

Aluminum Posts & Spindles

Aluminum railing systems, whether custom made or otherwise are a popular choice. Aluminum is very resistant to weather elements, maintenance free and there are many designs and colors options to choose from. 



Composite Posts & Spindles

Composite railing systems pair nicely with a composite deck. The look is very clean and classic. Composite decking material is also maintenace free and eco-friendly. 



Composite Posts & Aluminum Spindles

If you can't declde between composite and aluminum, why not use both!? Composite deck railing systems have a variety color options, so you can select two accent colors. These posts have LED light caps to illuminate the deck once the sun has set. 



Composite Posts & Glass Panels

Glass panels are nice for when you want minimal obstruction of the views from your deck. Great for scenic back yards or lake homes. They are also a good option for families with kidsas they won't attempt to jam their head or toys between the railings. Another benefit is they can help block any wind.

 Deck - Monarch Composite Decking & Railing with Glass Panels


Ornate Aluminum Railing

This deck features an aluminum railing system with French Bastille spindles. A custom made railing allows you to be creative and can really add to the overall design of the deck.


March 9, 2017
6 Reasons You'd Love Eze-Breeze Porch Windows

Screen porches are a great way to enjoy a nice day without having full exposure to everything the great outdoors offers. They provide the perfect spot to sip a cup of a coffee, read a book or dine with the family. Upgrading your screen porch with Eze-Breeze Porch Windows will make you love the space even more! Here's why:

1. Ventilation. Eze-Breeze porch windows have 4 adjustable panels, allowing for various ventilation options or complete closure.

2. Low Maintenance. Keeping a screen porch clean can be a challenge; especially cabins or lake homes! The complete closure option of the porch windows prevents dirt from entering. Cleaning the windows is also a breeze as the panels can just be removed. 

3. Ambiance. The frames of Eze-Breeze porch windows add a warm feeling to the porch while still allowing for great sight lines. 

4. Options. There are many size and color options to fit all porch designs. Eze-Breeze offers a fixed window and door option as well for a complete package.

5. Durability. The window film is very durable and won't crack or break. You can actually punch the film and it will return to it's original form!

6. UV Protection. Eze-Breeze porch windows offer better UV protection over glass and remain neutral versus absorbing heat. The window film also helps prevent fading of fabrics and finishes. 

Interested in Eze-Breeze porch windows? Give us a call 320-529-4800. Spring is right around the corner! 


July 10, 2014
Porches of all Shapes & Sizes!

Porches are a great addition to any home! They provide a space to enjoy the outdoors while shielding you from insects, rain, sun and other gifts from mother nature. Porches can be built in all different shapes, sizes and styles. We design porches based on your needs and desires. Here are a few examples of porches we've worked on:

Screen Porch
Classic at grade screen porch on lake home. The porch is about 240 square feet and has three sides of screens; making it a nice space to relax and enjoy the breeze from the lake. 


This at grade porch was remodeled from a screen porch to a four season porch. With insulated walls and Thermo-Tech vinyl sliding windows, the porch can now be used all year long!


What once was a deck is now converted into an elevated screen porch.  This 216 square foot porch connects to the home's dining room and serves as a nice space to lounge or dine with family and friends.


Beautiful hexagon shaped porch includes a Douglas Fir vaulted ceiling, Redwood trim and Amazing EZ-Screen porch windows; creating a warm ambiance. Porch windows have four adjustable panels, allowing for ventilation and complete closure. These are especially nice for cabins, lake homes or anyone looking for less maintenance. 


This three season porch was also once a deck. With sun windows, the porch can be lived in for the majority of the year. Set seven feet off the ground, the porch provides nice panoramic views of the backyard. A new deck was built next to the porch. 


June 30, 2014
Dale's Corner - DIY Deck

Have you always dreamed of building your own deck? While building a deck is a fairly large and complicated construction project, it is possible to do-it-yourself. You will need several tools including (hammer, tape measure, level, cordless drill & saw) and a desire to invest a little sweat equity. Here are my tips and recomendations for those interested in building a deck onto their home.

  1. Check with City or County ordinances for set-back requirements.
  2. Based on your design, determine the size of footings and the size of joists to carry the weight so the deck doesn't settle.
  3. Install proper flashing where deck attaches to the house, to prevent the deck from rotting the wall.
  4. Use correct fastener spacing when attaching framing members and decking as per building code.
  5. Stairs if needed must be installed according to the building code for safety of the user.
  6. Hand rails & railings should be installed at proper locations & heights for safety.

Once your deck is complete, sit back and enjoy the rest of the summer!



June 20, 2013
It's Finally Deck Season!

Whether you like to entertain, read, grill, or just relax , a deck is a great place to spend time in these summer months. We remodeled this particular deck with Trex Transcends maintenance free decking material...less upkeep = more time to enjoy!  Three Trex Transcends colors were used on the deck:

  1. Tree House is featured in the main area of the deck
  2. Vintage Lantern outlines the deck's perimeter as well as the bottom and top railing system
  3. White posts perfectly accent the entire deck space

The deck posts also have Trex LED light caps, so the entire deck can illuminate once the sun has set. By expanding the deck to 660 square feet, there is now plenty of space for their patio furniture and to do all the fun activities mentioned above!





May 14, 2013
New Pergola Awning System!

Someday (hopefully sooner than later), all the snow will be gone and it will actually be enjoyable to spend time outdoors!  Minnesota summers the best!  Browse our website for ideas on your deck, porch, pergola or patio project.  New to the scene are awning systems for pergolas!  While a pergola provides a nice balance of shade and sunshine, during those peak hours it is great to have more protection from the sun.  This is the perfect solution! The awning system simply attaches to the pergola and is retractable, so you can adjust to your particular preference.

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